Scaling of the spindle revolutions. Size of the online FIFO. Present position at the incremental encoder input. Allocate to a coordinate system. Velocity 3 reference run. Analog input of the X axis joystick. Present position of the handwheel.

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Software limit switch negative left. Write over the present velocity.

Device Driver – SYS TEC

In the subsequent chapter, the system parameters are described in detail. Scaling of the G-code coordinates. Fill-level threshold of the online Csn.

Set CAN baud rate channel 1. Increment of the tracking filter. Inquiry whether the output port’s address is available. Polarity of the digital outputs. Systec usb can Features Systec usb can features listed. Configure the USB interface. Baud rate and mode of the first serial interface. Position counter mode ring mode.

Analog value readout option. This feature allows for simultaneous connection of multiple systec usb can to a single CAN channel. Line number in the source code at which the error occurred. Second of the internal clock. Inspection of the reference position. Delay between stop of the motor and switching off the run current. Inquiry whether the output ports address is available.

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CAN Product Guide – CAN Product Guide

Analog input ssystec the X axis joystick. Month of the internal calendar clock function. This overview is part of the Motion Basic 6 quickhep manual.

Register OTxxx control panel. Override present trajectory velocity.

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Day of the internal calendar clock function. Year of the internal calendar clock function.

We provide expanded development services for OEM and customized firmware to meet your demands. Analog input of the Y axis joystick.

Present systec usb can of the system timer. Set CAN baud rate. Scaling cxn the spindle revolution. Present position of the handwheel. The underlaying Linux operating system on the CAN-Ethernet Gateway enables the user to execute own user programs systec usb can interact with the gateway firmware in response to certain events. Baud rate and mode of the 1. Maximum measured contouring error. Scaling of the feed-motion value.