Complies with IEEE Its effective clock memory makes up 6 GHz. This ensures that systems receiving the information correctly when the data transmission starts. Support 32bit PCI interface 5. This may be necessary if you wish this node to match keys in a different vendor’s product. Fragmentation Threshold Value Indicates how much of the network resources is devoted to recovering packet errors. Click Cancel to finish the wizard.

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Download driver SURECOM EP-9321-g/g1 802.11g 54M WLAN PCI Adapter

Realtek Extensible Wireless Device. It is used on Ethernet Switch in the beginning. However, the more often RTS packets are sent, the quicker the system can recover from interference or collisions. Auto Rate fallback for optimizing communication possibility in adaprer channel conditions and over larger distances 6.

If you insert the WLAN PCI Adapter before installing the driver and utility, the operating system will detect a new device and start to configure the new device. Rx mode mA Max.

Network Type The network type of the wireless network. This device may not cause harmful interference, and 2. Refer to the IEEE Click Cancel to finish the wizard. Select the AP you want to connect to and click connect to establish network. Setting this parameter to a small value causes RTS packets to be sent more often, consuming more of the available bandwidth, therefore reducing the apparent throughput of other network packets.


Throughput will generally be lower for fragmented packets, since the fixed packet overhead consumes a higher portion of the RF bandwidth. The Access Point not only mediates Wireless network traffic in the immediate neighborhood but also pro-vides communication with the wired network. In this light, Microsoft has recently created a subsidiary company, Microsoft Open Technologies, which is called to develop and surecpm the software with the open-source code.

This is explained by the fact that such soft allows developing, changing, replenishing, and polishing the programs and applications by daapter users at once. It keeps the radio powered up continuously, so there is little latency for responding to messages.

Surecom Technology User Manuals

Only minor modifications of this value are recommended. Fragmentation Breaking a packet into smaller units when transmitting over a network medium that cannot support the original size of the packet. Infrastructure is applicable to enterprise scale for wireless access to central database, or wireless application for mobile workers.

The followings are the explanation of settings: Search for drivers by ID or device name Known devices: The value should remain at its default setting of 2, Ina group of perspective IT engineers with a number of ideas and technological innovations favor.


WEP encryption can be used to ensure the security of your wireless network.

Both units use this key for an extended length of time, sometimes indefinitely. In each profile, you can specify a network type, network name, WEP and security setting parameters wirless for that operating location. Trademarks All company, brand, and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Use this to prevent cross communication between two or more WLAN in one area. The progress indicator shows the installing status. A preamble is a signal used to synchronize the transmission timing between two or more systems.

There are several trade offs to consider when setting this parameter. External detachable dipole antenna Current Consumption: Its main sphere of work is closely connected with cooling systems, power supplies and Bluetooth speakers. A Desktop computer with an available 32bit PCI slot.