The first one is not very interesting as it focuses on management of the AC’97 codec. With the latest drivers and XP without problem – Have you experienced any incompatibility? We compared the records first in the PCM stereo format 16bit Already have an account? Macs drivers do not work, or very little Therefore, the card hardly suits for professional operation in W2K, but will be a good choice for listening to music. Digital Performer – What you get lag?

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The second one – Output Mixer – is much handier: I normally use Reaper under Windows 7, so next step is to try running that under Wine. I will try changing PCI slots later today to see if it works then. And now I’m starting examination of the card so that you can see why I’ve made such a conclusion.

If drivers do not support something the hardware part wouldn’t help. What can I say except that I do not regret my choice and I would do it again without hesitation. An additional codec is designed to operate as a DirectSound device of the Windows so that users can have all advantages of a standard PCI sound card.


The files were played by two copies of the Cool Edit Pro 1.

Moreover, a lot of experts do not think that its sound is better than that of even a CD-DA. Anyone have any success using this on a Win 7 system? Now CHRE not at all for the quality of the card.

Hoontech DSP24 Value (PCI) – does it work with Win 7? – Gearslutz

Similar Threads Live Mixing Problems The characteristics at 24bit 96kHz are worse than at 16bit Both mixers are separate devices. Ableton Live 7 – What you get lag? This is how I recommend to use this model from Hoontech. By sliding the following button, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

But with such a thicken of harmonics the Audigy has a long way to go. It is on that you can not make a copy of this card 15 euros which is Of RAM not much either Configuation a little weird: I use this card with Cubase 4I do not have figures for latency in mind but it is totally impossible to distinguish Did you find this review helpful?

Hoontech DSP24 MKII

Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. By using this site, you agree to our use of cookies. In my opinion, all its hardware stuff can be divided into three categories: In the hoomtech, cheap for the benefits.


It has much more advantages for home use – 6 channels, DolbyDigital decoding, games, movies, karaoke etc.

All user reviews for the Hoontech DSP24 + ADDA3000 / DSP3000 M-Port

Any multimedia card will suit. A professional mixer in all Hoontech cards is called Output Mixer, and the one which works under the Windows is named as an Internal Mixer. I made a partition and downloaded Ubuntu studio Music listening If I write that the music is played excellently it would hardly satisfy anyone. Enter your search terms Submit search form. Macs drivers do not work, or very little These hoontehc have gnral, from my exprienceBad behavior with audio apps.

With the last driver version, the PCI card outputs are deactivated so don’t try to connect your speakers to the line out You can notice that the graph drops out because of superposition of harmonics and mistiming of the testing and resulting signals in hoontechh of operation of the measuring program.