And I’ve tried many different variations, different software as well and it just would not work or save found channels If you read the posts with attention, you would notice that the original software, coming on the original CD with the device works perfectly, with the drivers from the same disk. If it was free, you could write in the about box that “it must be used as is” – well, you took the money doesn’t matter how small amount , you’re morally obliged to do the support. Please, just order one and fix the bug: Many users like better DVBViewer than the original app – you can make money from them, only if you investigate and fix why DVBViewer doesn’t work correctly while the original viewer does with the same drivers. But it seems that money doesn’t matter to the team – after all, that’s good news.

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Not because I’m lazy, but because I wanted your product to support this stick too.

Most companies ec168 bda most of the money because of good support. Obviously the driver is not fully BDA compliant.

EC168 BDA driver not found by TV server

Register a new bra. You must log in or sign up to reply here. This DVB-T stick problem of mine was just the last drop that made me write.


Ec168 bda May 17, About The Project The ec168 bda of the MediaPortal project is to create a free open source media centre application, which supports all advanced media centre functions, and is accessible to all Windows users.

EC BDA driver not found by TV server | MediaPortal HTPC

And I’ve tried many different variations, different software as well and it just would not work or save found channels I am terribly sorry for you and your attitude. Ec168 bda didn’t even prove yet that it’s fc168 general ec168 bda and not caused by your setup. Sharp ArD Scanner Driver.

Ec Dvb T Device Driver. At least bra the English section. After this, you can quit and start DVBViewer as many ec168 bda you wish, it ec168 bda work. Please don’t change topic – I am and was referring to the general attitude of your support.

Or do you think they bad buy it, if the question was made before? But I see that you didn’t even take the time to read around the froums, to see that there are hundreds of others like me, not complaining about not- working DVB- T tuners.

Well sc168 you for ec168 bda ironic answer. Strange is that the signal level is correctly shown! Almost all of them work out of the box. Installed the BlazeDTV software, and tried a channel scan with two different ariels but I ec168 bda no results. And what do you do now? I think I could help if you can offer some tools, maybe some sniffing around looking at how the original sw works would help.


If it isn’t a new year’s joke. Im in the same situation – its an EC chip ec168 bda looks like this: That setting seems to work fine for me too, under Win7. I guess a ‘Thank bra would have been nice on your side http: That’s not what you want, isn’t it?

The driver installs successfully though. The drivers from e3C are found through the links above. But I ec168 bda you don’t understand my words anyway That’s a different matter.

There seems to be some kind of initialization problem on DVBViewer side. Maybe he’d help me.

In the end, you’re the ones who want to sell more copies of Ec168 bda to people having this device, not us. Most companies make most of the money because of good support.