Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. After more tests, I must conclude that xorg for that display adapter was broken again between alpha6 and beta. First find in which revision the bug was introduced. Then use the video option “xxmc” in advanced-level Xine Setup. I’ll try with openchrome a bit later this evening.

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Org Wiki – Home to make sure that you have the latest version. This will be the most flicker-free one. Org X Server 1. John Maizels jmaizels wrote on Server aborting Please consult the The X.

But at least any solution to avoid recovery boot would make that machine usable. There is a change in 8.

For as long as cld266 Global Warming does not make it illegal. Then you could use generic vesa driver in order to boot and find another solution for your problem. All necessary steps are finished now. Only If I boot in recovery mode and choose resume or xfix will the display work. What can I do to get better diagnostics? You may enable debug options to troubleshoot the driver in case it doesn’t work: I did skip some packages or groups, possibly something was omitted, like some kind of framebuffer driver?


We’re closing this bug since it is has been some time with no response from the original reporter.

[ubuntu] Apollo CLE on OpenChrome?

Changed in xserver-xorg-video-openchrome Ubuntu: It is not evident what exactly is being installed, or why the instructions ask to use some files for Ubuntu 8. For example if you want to use the fine new x modes in the list below, you have to comment out the original x VESA mode, because its video bandwidth with MHz is much higher than the best one of the list which is Also, I’m attaching the same files, and xorg.

This cpu won’t run the smp kernels. Save the file and leave the editor. I then added some modifications to xorg. Org Foundation support at X. This means that, whatever the config I’ve tried, xorg resets reboots the computer or enters a lihux. I tend to think they had a good opportunity to run with it so to speak with the mini-ITX platform, but that they really, really blew it by failing to open up on the driver front I recently built a system with a VT and lnux having pretty much the exact same problem.


Ubuntu Precise, Xubuntu Precise, Debian 6. I never added it myself and it never appeared again later, even by using xfix.

VT8623 [Apollo CLE266]

Having a problem logging in? Contents Description Ubuntu 8. Aside from that your Slackware 14 lsmod shows that a lot less modules are loaded than with Debian – and with my Slackware 14 as well, as shows my attached lsmod file.

These installing instructions are for Ubuntu 9.

The same thing happened. Hi all, I’ve cle626 an ongoing problem which I’m wondering if you can help me with. Reboot normally, Ubuntu does an “untimely self-restart”, computer reboots Recovery mode, of course, select resume normal boot no xfixRuns but x and x are the only mode to choose from.