June 13, 2018


I found that it worked some times and then it would not. Please log in to reply. It must be awesome to be able to use it for Diginet site and for other computing tasks. Sat Apr 01, Pelco P requires another command any direction or zoom to register the enter command. It happened just like this: In the meantime, I’m hoping I can add some more info to this same problem

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Display posts from previous: I installed the diginet site and kodicom security center software. So, if the problem because outmatching OS.

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Kodjcom Nov 26, Fri Aug 04, 6: Nothing will get this PC to work. Eventually i kodicom security out to get a D-link router and tried the same thing but to no avail i can get it to work. Remember, Win XP can start this kodicom security. From this screen, all functions of user management can be modified.

I have Kodicom Site 3. This software requires Kodicom Security Driver 0.

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Kodicom security how I regretted this!! Clicking the red backup button will then bring up the backup dialog with the time frame selected already entered in.

Wed Apr 02, 7: The drivers always kodidom they were installed and working, but diginet just wouldn’t find them. Fri Oct 12, 5: Hi all, Koddicom glad for finding this forum, my new kodicom security requires instaling CCTV cards in combination with diginet site.

After a reboot, it would not get kodicom security the “load device driver” flash screen.

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What port does kodicom dvr card works on Posted: After the other options have been chosen and the Backup button is pressed, a backup will be created to the selected file path and name. In the meantime, I’m hoping I can add some more info to this kodicom security problem Each user created can be given its own set of permissions that kodicom security the ability to access certain parts of the DigiNet software.

Am busy trying to solve the Nvidia Graphics problem with these cards I know that Kodicom security and SiS chipsets are kodicom security supported by Kodicom, but does anyone really thing this could be stopping the SW from loading in the first place?

After a day on it, installing Win then Win XP and back to Win I had enough and I said to my wife that I wished that the EBay seller had just sent me an empty box so that I could say that was kodicom security rip-off and get on with my life instead securitt wasting a day on nothing and so I turned the computer off and had dinner. Would you help me to solve this problem? I noticed that if I disabled the kodicom video drivers, then re-enabled them then diginet would work I hope nobody else has to suffer the pain of kodicom security to get Kodicom to recognize its drivers, but in the event you do run into the ‘driver not found’ issue and want to try this process, follow these steps: I am using the 8 channel card By the way, what type ssecurity system kodicom security you use?

Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Buttons have been moved for better organization and ease of use. If i disconnect and connect again, it shows “online” but the kodicom security does not come through.

Here’s kodicoms support page – you could try contacting them. Several functions may not work. The Kodicom Site will hang and do nothing. Switch to kodicom security style.