June 10, 2018


Ask a question, help others, and get answers from the community. Why the hell is IBM unable to provide such a simple explanation like Jerry’s? Since there isn’t a 64 bit Notes client available we have tried installing the 64 bit Domino server. Let us know by taking this 2-minute survey. This demonstration utilises Microsoft Windows 8 as the Operating System and OpenOffice to test the configured connection.

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At least that’s notex I thought. Share this item with your network: Configure Lotus Domino Server. You could schedule updates regularly on odbc lotus notes server side of that read-only data and effectively create a cache of the data in your Notes environment.

I’ve researched a number of instructions available on the web and I’ve tested the steps to created a linked server but none of tutorials we I found seemed explain well enough what odbc lotus notes need to do. Now I have odbc lotus notes file on my local machine and lotus notes. We’ll send you an e-mail containing your password. My Profile Log Odbv. Ask a question, help others, and get answers from the community.

Mat Newman

To exit, press return in an empty prompt line. Thanks for this useful article. Stuart Bogom 21 1. You can then use the odbc lotus notes to query and update your Domino data by using SQL. Configure authentication for NotesSQL. It sounds complicated, and it all has to be done in script, but I’ve done this in many applications and it is lotuz, flexible, easy to administer, and gives your applications a lot of power.

Option 2 should be possible but does imply an additional redirection as you cannot manipulate the database which is managed by OutSystems. Start a thread odbc lotus notes discuss odbc lotus notes topics with top experts.

IBM Lotus NotesSQL

Connection from script, as both will allow you to create DSN-less connections to data sources. What should I do?

Your first step is to register the Notes. If the user initiates this process, wouldn’t the dblookup already occur by the time the agent is done retrieving and delivering the results?

So Odbc lotus notes slightly confused! After that dctest started successfully. Odbc lotus notes tried on https: I haven’t been able to figure out the exact permissions needed but, for a proof of concept phase, you can just give this user sysadmin permission and it will work fine.

You can find in attachment the sample Lotus application I’m using in this tutorial. Can someone point us in the right direction please? We use Lotus Notes version 8.

All the steps below are to be performed on the machine where the Database server is running. It is not available on the regular NotesSQL page. It involves having the server do the queries of the external database therefore you are only setting up ODBC in on the server odbc lotus notes you don’t have to deal with it on odbc lotus notes workstations.

Using the new IBM ODBC Driver for Notes-Domino (formerly Lotus Notes SQL)

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On my machine, this is what suddenly worked!

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