May 16, 2018


But thanks for posting about the ” Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider tool ” it worked!!! I myself have also run the driver installer on Windows 7 x86 when I used the adapter mentioned above and noticed no suspicious processes or open network sessions. I figured out that the latest version had to be downloaded from the Celestron site. You can follow the instructions on the above comment as a workaround. This was a great presentation very informative, feel like I gained a great deal of knowledge on the topic. Clay Sherrod of the Arkansas sky observatory.

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I jumped through about 12 various objects the last night I was out with only my DSI IIIC aten guc232a in the 80mm scope, and guc23a2 object was almost perfectly centered aten guc232a my imaging chip on each goto once I fine tuned my aligment.

Hopefully this will work for other folks who may be having trouble with the drivers for their USB to aten guc232a cable in Windows 7. I even got to see the planet Uranus aten guc232a the first time in years. I had to do some research guc232x determine which one to buy. Once I have the orientation with aten guc232a polar scope I then proceed to adjust mount to be on top of the NCP ocated in the reticule of the polar scope The whole procedure takes about 3 minutes.

Next to that I tried the standard Prolific files. Thanks for the help with the nexremote software for the cgem. You can follow the instructions on the guc2332a comment as a workaround.

But thanks for posting about the ” Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider tool ” it worked!!! Since the control cable that came with my radio is a 9-pin serial data cable, aten guc232a my MacBook does not have a serial port, I aten guc232a to purchase the adapter. Hey guys You can find a better updated driver here http: The CH does not use a Prolific chipset, rather it has aten guc232a of the clone chips, in other words counterfit chip.

Putting aten guc232a constellation guc32a there should help make sure you are aligning on Polaris. Does the port at the back bottom of the controller where you insert the modular telephone plug really comes with no cover? I always end up with a Device Manager error: A great bit of confusion on post processing was answered with aten guc232a dvd.

I use Windows 7 Ultimate x64 build I am using Windows 7 Starter bit on an Acer Netbook. So I hope to provide some aten guc232a guc2232a on getting you started using NexRemote.

Now with aten guc232a help I have it installed. This article is dedicated to my experience with NexRemote telescope control. But if aen prefer, you can return it for refund.

I think i’m just going to have to break down and buy a pci-e serial card. Will the driver be installed on my system? I got a aten guc232a guc23a2 and had no more problems.

Unfortunately, these drivers won’t work with Windows 7 bit, as they are not signed. After that, I plugged the cable into the USB aten guc232a and it worked.

Will be guiding with this setup and PHD. I aten guc232a using the celestron polar scope with the mount and found that shiningg a small red led light off gu2c32a the side of the polar scope lights if up perfectly to aten guc232a the polar scope constellation guides for the night sky and NCP alignment. Note that a restart is required after installation. It turns out that I did not receive the latest version of NexRemote.

Click here to cancel reply. I have not done any autoguiding so this will be helpful for coming up to speed.

NexRemote Telescope Control for CGEM – AstroPhotography Tonight

NexRemote is not allowed to run on WinNTx. Aten guc232a using aten guc232a exposure you need polar accuracy to a few arcminutes. Gu232a could always try eBay as well. You can use these tags: An odd pop-up box came up telling me that I have 30 days remaining in my NexRemote trial period. Thank you so much! The mount performs very well.

Ghc232a hope to take my image processing to the next level. Aten guc232a turns out that there is a compatibility issue with my version aten guc232a Windows. Once this is achieved I then do the all star align. I have had some requests to re-post the link to the driver available above.

Prolific USB to Serial Adapter Cable Drivers for Windows 7 [u] – Brian Hall

Technology Email This BlogThis! I am very please with how portable my setup is, the very quick alignments, and very impressive goto which drops the object in my ccd fov each and every time. When the device appeared in the list with the “! Will have to download latest version online so Aten guc232a have it updated. Aten guc232a Prolific drivers will only work with a true Prolific chip.