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Installation, Operator’s Instruction and Maintenance Manual with Parts Manual as sectional drawings and an electrical schematic. A very interesting booklet: This is the comprehensive page edition. Complete data pack including MA and MAA above together with 6 works photographs of “show” machines. Detailed Instruction Manual and Service Manual. Parts List as Exploded Component Drawings. Programmer’s and Operator’s Manual.

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Included is an American Operation and Maintenance Manual for one of the later machines which hp dj 5940 the Parts Section as useful sectional drawings. Includes sections on the accessories: Drummond Very early lathes: Catalogue” showing the full range of lathes, millers, shapers, pillar and radial-arm drills, horizontal hp dj 5940, planers, parting-off machines, punching and shearing machines, screwing machines, plate flanging machines, chucks, compound slides, cutting tools, vices, saws, band saws and engineers tools.

Instructions and Parts Manual as Sectional Drawings. Operating Instructions and Parts List. Parts Manual as detailed Sectional Drawings. Most of the Company’s radial-arm drills appear to have been covered in a Publication with the title: Hp dj 5940 edition is for the very early metal-turning lathe with the multiple V-belt drive.

Service Instructions with many detailed sectional Drawings.

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Operating Manual and Parts Manual as Drawings. Programmer’s and Operator’s Manual. Parts Manual as Exploded Component Diagrams. Standard Toolholders and Attachments.

Hp dj 5940 edition has English text, the other English, French and German. Operating Instructions with Sectional Drawings. Two editions included covering the models with twin round column supports and the – arranged as a conventional vertical milling slide.

Includes 5 large Electrical Drawings. Operator’s Instruction Manual with extra pages on chuck operation and care, a Spare Parts Manual as exploded Component Drawings and the essential screwcutting data and charts for inch and metric pitches strangely missing from the original Manual. Detailed Operator’s Instruction and Maintenance Manual with fault-finding charts and hp dj 5940 schematics.

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Hp dj 5940 General Engineering Drawings of: Parts manual as Sectional Drawings. This is the comprehensive page edition. Universal Combined 3-spindle centring, Drilling and Threading Attachment: Separate Parts Manual as exploded component diagrams and a basic threading chart.

I would not have thought about doing this without hp dj 5940 help and amazing site with its detailed hp dj 5940. Operator’s Instruction, Maintenance and repair Parts. The manual is missing the first 15 hp dj 5940 and was originally printed on heavy-duty lavatory paper – hence the quality is only just acceptable. All-models General Operation and Maintenance Manual.

Spray Guns and Nozzles – Maintenance Instructions. Full-size “blue print” in hp dj 5940 and an additional 8-page Mk. Includes details of both 4 and 6-speed versions. Boxford Lathe Manual as a comprehensive Data Pack. Daldi e Matteucci Operation manual with Electrical Schematics. Illustrated Parts Manual with very clear exploded-assembly diagrams. Slender but useful 22 page publication. Covers all K Models 3K, 3K, 4K, 5K etc where the first digit is the spindle diameter and the second number the table length.

Includes two copies 26 pages of the maker’s detailed Sales, Specification and Accessories Catalogues detailing the specification and showing all the accessories. Manuals may be obtainable. Bench Oscillating Spindle Sander. English and German Language Edition. Includes 2 full editions, early and late. Operator’s Instruction Manual and Maintenance.

Parts Manual as Exploded Component Drawings.

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English and German Text. Stop jp Cutter relief. English and French Text. Click here for alternative ordering instructions including PayPal, credit and debit cards and bank transfers. The two lathes were identical apart from centre height, spindle bore, spindle nose and speeds – the Model “” having hp dj 5940 top speed of r.

Manual and Parts Manual as Exploded-component Drawings. Service Manual with Sectional Drawings, an Electrical Schematic and copies of the screwcutting, power feeds and spindle-speed charts. Specifications, Hydraulic Schematic and oil capcities, Spindle-drive drawings, sectional drawings of the front drive, main drive, spindle details, hp dj 5940 drive bracket, base and carrier. Operator’s Instruction, Maintenance and Installation Manual.