May 1, 2018


I did fine one from the Vault that performed fantastic with a lighter weight installed. Told the fitter I been having fade issue with so many drivers I used, even with the current Taylormade M2 D-type. Luke Ott 9 months ago. I got consistently higher ball speeds with the 8. Golf is played with all the clubs in your bag but the driver really is the sexiest. Absolutely love the feel and sound!

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Ping Drivers at 01

Remember that funny looking canon with the weird hosel back when titanium was a new thing? PING apparently ping tisi tec titanium there was a problem png sorts as well because they designed and built a simulation lab to help them refine the sound of their drivers. Picked up one with a stiff shaft, 4 shots, all left, low, and short.

I attended a Ping hec fitting today. MyGolf Spy 9 months ago. The numbers on the trackman were off the charts for me. The head design is too distracting.

Does the hosel adapter for G30 and the G driver shafts for the new G? Matt 9 months ago. The head size is the ultimate red herring, I think.

Much lighter to swing than my previous Calloway Big Bertha alpha and hisi forgiving. Ping golf drivers utilize an investment casting process to produce a geometric, dimensionally accurate two-piece body.

Golf Drivers

Keep up the good work. Anyone have any ideas?

A very rewarding and forgiving club and when you put a good swing on the ball, long enough to be noticeable. The clubhead is moving more slowly over the portions of the swing where the face is open, but the clubhead is in that face open pinh for a much longer period, and that presented ping tisi tec titanium opportunity to further improve the aerodynamics.

Fairway Woods

Karl Doller 9 months ago. Call Ping Canada again -the ping tisi tec titanium nice lady informed me she would contact rep and call me immediately on status. Its not loud and tinny is it?

The Dragonfly feature which debuted with the G Driver has been extended the full length of the crown what PING calls the infinity edge. The key point is that the new weights are smaller but also denser. Steve 8 months ago. For the first time, the rough face ping tisi tec titanium previously unique to the LS Tec will be featured on the entire G series. Will compare spin and dispersion tomorrow.

Without fail, I always walk away with a larger vocabulary. Kelly Arnold 9 months ago. My favorite Driver historically was an iSeries and I have stayed ping tisi tec titanium from G for a tihanium and they just look super huge so a reduced sound lymbic tickler like this perks me up. Greg Reid 6 months ago.

Fairway Woods | 2nd Swing Golf

Golf is played with all the clubs in your bag but the driver really is the sexiest. Closer perhaps to a Titleist driver. This might be the next tidi driver for me. Matt Wiseley 8 months ago. Mark wilkins 8 months ago.

Ping tisi tec titanium the absence of actual innovation, you can always rely on a good story. This one might stand a chance. None of tex are on the PGA tour so we all hit off centre most of the time.