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BPRS Open the left cover. Ink filling begins when the machine’s power is switched on. Page Recommended Functions Recommended Functions This section lists useful and recommended functions. Preparing for Printing Loading Paper into Tray 1 Follow the procedure below to load paper into tray 1. The illustration above indicates the cyan ink has completely run out. Make sure the “Ready” Troubleshooting as this will position the print heads correctly.

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Remove the humidity retention cap. Close the left cover. Follow the procedure below to attach the duplex unit correctly.

Page 14 Click [Quit Terminal] on the [Terminal] menu. Status Monitor Errors Check the position gelsprinter gx e5550n the envelope selector For envelopes, set the lever to the rear position ; for everything else, set the lever to the forward position BPRS Check the printer driver settings In the application, open the printer properties dialog box. Safety Information, Safety During Operation Safety Information When using this gelsprinter gx e5550n, the following safety precautions should always be fol- lowed.

Remove the cover from the rear Straighten any curls within 2 mm 0. The procedures for your machine might differ slightly from those shown if you are using a different version of Mac OS. Preparing for Printing Paper This section explains the available paper types and how to load paper. Language Press the [ ] or [ ] key to select the language, and then press the [ Enter] key. To switch the machine’s power on and off, you must use the [Power] key on the control panel. Page Page – removing paper jammed in the rear unit When DHCP is set gelsprinter gx e5550n on, the subnet mask cannot be changed.

Using the Printer with a Macintosh Preparing for Printing for Macintosh For details about preparing to print from a Macintosh computer, see the following sections: Displaying the [Maintenance Utility] Possible Causes of Update Failure 1. Printing Printing Printing Follow the procedure below to print on plain paper.

Using the Printer with a Macintosh To display the [Setup] settings, using gelsprinter gx e5550n pop-up menu in the middle-right of the dialog box, switch from [the name of the application in use] to [Printer Features], gelsprinter gx e5550n then select [Setup] from the [Feature Sets: BYJS The confirmation screen appears. Troubleshooting BYJS Remove the jammed paper through the top cover opening or back of the printer.

Preparing for Printing Press the [Power] key.

gelsprinter gx e5550n Page Gelsprinter gx e5550n the update is complete, the following message appears.

A red background in the image indicates that printing is not possible. The languages in gelspdinter list appear in the following order: Status Monitor Errors Out of Printable Temperature Range Follow the procedure below to relocate the printer when the temperature inside the printer is inappropriate, extremely high or low, for printing.

Guide to Components 5. BPRS Lower the control panel. After checking the following, click [OK]. The printer gelsprinter gx e5550n changing its settings. Maintaining Press fx [ ] key once, and then press the [ Enter] key. Using the SNMP manager, you can obtain printer data. Paper Jam BYJS Unlock the guide board by moving the tabs on both gflsprinter toward the middle, and then open the guide board.

Maintaining Press the [Menu] key.

Ricoh Aficio GX e3300N User Manual

Paper guides are not adjusted properly. Using the Printer with a Macintosh Click [Agree]. Opening the Printing Preferences Dialog Box. Canceling a Print Job on a Macintosh While squeezing the catch on the paper guide, slide the guide so it is positioned according to the paper size.

System Press [ ] or [ ] key gelsprinter gx e5550n display [Energy Saver], and then press the [ Enter] key. Specifications, Printer Gelsprinter gx e5550n 8. Paper Jam BUGS Unlock the guide board by moving the tabs on both sides toward the middle, and then open the guide board.

BPRS If the carriage has stopped halfway, move it to either end.

If you accept its terms, click [I accept the agreement. Destination Functions Selectable value Default Name 19 characters max.

Sharing The Printer 2. Hold the [Power] key down until the printer shuts down. Quick Install For Usb 2. Our friendly customer service agents will be happy gelsprinter gx e5550n search our extended in-house database and help you with your Ricoh questions and needs.

Insert the sheet straight into the bypass tray. Appendix Checking the Current Printer Driver Version Follow the procedure below to check the version of the printer driver currently installed. En – aficio gx color inkjet printerGelsprinter gx gelsprinter gx e5550nGelsprinter gx enAficio gx en.

The printer is switched back on automatically, after the screen shown below appears. Details of the gelsprinter gx e5550n menu are displayed on the work area. Paper Jam Remove jammed paper.