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BMW E39 Auxiliary Input Kit Installation DIY | BMW E39Source

This leads to problems if when I switch from tape no aux mode there but when select tape audio comes to say the radio or a CD and suddenly get a thunderous amount of volume. We can leave the CD unput in bmw aux input installation pdf download now, as we will need to slide it out in rownload bit to plug the cable into the CD unit.

Unfortunately, if you have navigation, this kit will not work with your setup and you would need to get an aftermarket hookup such as a Dice unit bmw aux input installation pdf download an Intravee, or you can get the OEM adapter for navigation models, that DIY is here. Next, drill 2 mm holes through all three holes in the template. I would also recommend taking a small flathead screwdriver and prying down the glovebox light and unplugging it, as this will be on as long as the glovebox is not installed in the vehicle.

The other screw is up slightly higher and to the left of the strut. Ensure all connections are correct and solid. Note that the problem is confirmed NOT to be with multiple 3. Assuming you are mounting it in the factory location, the next step is to remove the glovebox.

We offer full comprehensive DIYs that will guide you through the process of firstly installing aux. Pull the excess cable slack back into the radio cavity.

Do not make your 10 mm bolts that hold the glovebox onto the rail too tight; if the glovebox opens slower or not at all afterwards, loosen these nuts a little bit.

If you shine a flashlight into the area, you should be able to roughly see the path that the wire should take. Loosen the two screws that you can now see on the installatjon edge bmw aux input installation pdf download the CD unit.

BMW AUX Input Installation

Once that is off, if you look in the hole where the knob used to be, at the bottom, you will see a small hole for a 2 mm Allen wrench. Overall, I am very happy with the way my install turned out.

Try it and report back. To check the build date of the CD player, follow the steps in the first paragraph below. I am an all around car guy that is also into technology.

When you are on the aux input and playing something using your iPhone, pressing the buttons on the radio should adjust the level for the aux input. First, remove the volume knob from your MID; it just pulls off. You can install a newer CD player in installatioon, or model year vehicle, and you will get the same bmw aux input installation pdf download.

Newer players can be found on eBay or similar sources.

A tape adapter is not aux. I have the volume on the iPhone set to maximum. Latest posts by Bobby O’Hearn see all. SW Version 42 will not work with this upgrade.

BMW E39 Auxiliary Input Kit Installation DIY

If you find yourself cranking up the volume on your stereo to hear your music at a reasonable level when using the AUX input, you can adjust the bmw aux input installation pdf download of the input by going into the Tone controls.

After this is done, go back in your car and remove the panel that is behind the glovebox strut on the left hand side. Check yours by removing the module, and referencing the part number on it to determine the build date. This helped substantially in my case where the volume was bmw aux input installation pdf download too low. OEM Auxiliary Kit 82 11 03. I have a bmw i but i cant fond the mode aux i installed the aux already but couldnt find the mode aux. It is held on by two Phillips screws; one is located behind the strut, so just swing that out of the way.

It took me a little bit of messing around to get it routed correctly, but you have plenty of slack.