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Discover infinite creative possibilities with Pro Tools software. Eleven Rack offers convenient front-panel controls, so you can quickly adjust settings to your heart’s content.

Digidesign Eleven Rack Manual

Get the guitar tone you’ve always dreamed of Gain access to tack most coveted amps, effects, and creative tools in the world. Customize your tone by swapping out speaker cabinets and microphones. Full menu Sign in.

As you play, the groundbreaking circuitry reacts to the dynamics of your guitar, changing the input impedance to closely match the first active amp or effect in your Eleven Rack signal path. Have massive tonal versatility at any live gig—without lugging eleven rack manual pdf download amps up on stage. Or play Eleven Rack through your favorite amp and get the same jaw-dropping amp emulations delivered through a real speaker cabinet. dowbload

Pro Tools | Eleven Rack | Avid

More than just the ultimate guitar amp emulator—Pro Tools Eleven Rack turns your eleven rack manual pdf download into a complete music and audio production studio. No need to go back and forth between your hardware rig and Pro Tools screen to tweak tones.

Simply plug Eleven Rack directly into the house PA and crank up the sounds of your virtual rigs, including all amp modeling, effects, and cabinets—no roadie required. Or change up your tone even more by adding stomp box effects, swapping amps and cabinets, and repositioning mics in your virtual rig.

Pro Tools Eleven Rack. Crank up the legendary guitar and bass tones of your favorite amps and stompboxes. Connect a mic, your axe, and other gear and start creating in Pro Tools—the same eleven rack manual pdf download the pros use to create your favorite songs, movies, and TV shows.

Plus, with a huge collection of virtual instruments, effects, and sound processors at your disposal, you have everything you need to sound your best.

And get the DSP-accelerated hardware performance you need to showcase your skills—both in the studio and live on stage.

End of Support dates. Experience the feel and response of playing through a real amp with the unique Mxnual impedance-matching input. You get a more authentic frequency response and better tonal accuracy—as if you were plugged into the real deal.

Pro Tools Eleven Rack gives you access to the sounds of dozens of legendary guitar and bass rigs—for eleven rack manual pdf download fraction of the price of a single vintage amp. Designed for guitarists and bass players, Pro Tools Eleven Rack delivers a truly versatile music recording and elveen performance experience.

Gain access to the most coveted amps, effects, and creative tools in the world.