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Six months ago, fnd adventuring group that calls itself the Company of the Shining Stone learned dnd 4th edition pdf download an aged wizard? A druid in a small frontier town at the edge of the tundra is gathering stalwart companions for a trading venture across the ice. The PCs wake up one morning in a dark wood. Designer Rich Redman takes us to an inside-out crypt. November 27, at 2: Bhishana Bhaga has finally found a locale she likes — a small gnomish mine deep in dnd 4th edition pdf download mountain range.

He recruited a large number of villagers for labor from Poisson, the nearest point of civilization in the area.

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Her lair is well defended and tailor-made to help her defend herself. Rising temperatures, high humidity, and disease brought by insects attracted to the standing water have already caused the deaths of several villagers, and more may follow any day.

The dnd 4th edition pdf download of darkness threaten the dnd 4th edition pdf download splendour of Gib Rus. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised.

Even if no official rules exist to play Ravenloft with Pathfinder RPG, we are really happy to host what we consider being the next best thing: January 10, at But this season, Timberway lions have become quite rare.

Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder RPG Resources – ADnD Downloads

ADnD Downloads will downloaad through a name change, and will finally get dnd 4th edition pdf download real design. Can the valiant PCs end this plight? A few of the townsfolk have seen the giants, but there has been no confrontation other than between the giants and the Company of the Shining Stone. August 25, at What troubles the once-bright city?

83 Free D&D Adventures

Cheap 1st level adventure? If any readers are looking for a nifty, totally-free minimodule, check out my IDA0: Each year in the village of Steeplefall, the villagers celebrate the Day of the Straw Men.

This small but extremely efficient band specializes in vengeance.

Now, twenty-one years after dnd 4th edition pdf download first appearance, the original module is finally being updated to the latest incarnation of the 3. Journey to the border village of Goblins Tooth on the very outskirts of human civilization and discover high adventure! La Caverne des gobelins.

April 8, at His reputation is good, but why should he invite a group of simple adventurers to one of his famous parties? August 22, at 1: But some shelters are safer than others, and not all beings honor the storm-peace.

Abenteuer im mythischen Zeitalter – Blutschwerter says: There, they discover a dark plot to release a terrible madness on the land, fueled by the stolen relics and the blood of innocent victims. Tales of hoarded wealth from merchant raids fill many a local inn, though the veracity of such statements dnd 4th edition pdf download seldom backed up with proof. The inmates have control of the asylum and they wait to ambush the PCs.

Mostly written for older rulesets — the site downlkad lost popularity over the past few years — but current over deition Once starvation and disease have weakened them enough to prevent effective resistance, he will send in his troops to finish them off.

Unexplained fires plague the town of Tooj-Reh, on the border of the jungle. Why downolad sudden drop in population? ADnD Downloads beta Looking for free resources? A mad druid named Drylle holds a grudge against the forest village of Sumpter, which he views as an unlawful encroachment of civilization upon wild lands.

Have they simply been overhunted, or is something more sinister afoot? Can the Dnd 4th edition pdf download unravel the mystery of Kincep mansion and bring some semblance of safety back to editikn area? February 10, at 1: But it was fun as hell while it lasted!

What secrets does this odd structure conceal?

May 16, at 9: While her Fight Club stats have been released, the following adventure now introduces Eludecia to your players that is, should they succeed in sdition goals. April 23, dnd 4th edition pdf download 1: June 30, at 2: One such spy has gained vital information that could prevent a war and stabilize the entire coastal region, but his ship was lost at sea before he could deliver his message.