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Begin reverse travel by depressing reverse foot pedal for Automatic transmission or moving gear shift lever to R reverse position for Gear transmission. Position mower blade C with the cutting edge towards the ground onto the mower spindle. Lift seat, unscrew and move springs to desired position as follows:.

Sharpen blades with grinder, hand file, or electric blade sharpener. Use when mowing in extremely rough terrain.

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Release the reverse implement switch and reposition the machine as the machine begins to move rearward. Include every digit in the model number, even if some are sized or styled differently. Check to see if adjustment pin P lines up with mower rownload arm hole O.

Before traveling forward or rearward: Move brake assembly B away from sheave A and drive belt.

Remove spacer I located between fixed idler assembly plates and carefully pull belt from assembly. Model retention may be affected by your browser settings.

Turn front adjuster nut A clockwise to raise front of mower deck or counterclockwise to lower front of mower deck.

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D 25 mm 1-In. Route belt around outside of idlers and then in between dowbload fixed idlers Opulling a belt loop through the idler assembly. Lift lever should be in transport position before turning cutting height knob.

Make sure rounded bushing D is on front side of tractor bracket. Damage may occur downnload the belt or blades after a major blade impact: Adjust lift links by turning nut G clockwise to raise left side of mower, counterclockwise to lower left side of mower.

Rotating blades are dangerous. Put blade on nail in a vise.

Install the fixed idler assembly on the stud of the left support plate as you wrap belt loop around left spindle sprocket P. Unnecessary engine idling may cause engine damage. The belt will be damaged if installed wrong. Let engine run at half-speed position for a couple of minutes to warm-up before operating machine.

Cutting height can closely match knob setting by adjusting lift links on both sides of deck. Start engine and engage mower. Turn key to start position C for no longer than five seconds. Fasten rear draft arms to mower mounting brackets with drilled pins and spring locking pins Bon both sides of mower.

If there is a malfunction during one of these procedures, Do not operate machine.

If engine does not begin to stop, there is a problem with your safety interlock circuit. The engine and mower will stop as the gear shift lever is moved to R reverse if the mower engagement lever is not in the off position.

See Parking Safely in the Safety Section. Push spring locking pin all the way through as shown. Chat is currently unavailable We’re sorry! Shorter cut heights will provide better cut quality, but may leave noticeable clippings. This lubrication is to prevent rusting and seizing.

The transmission might be damaged if the free-wheeling lever is not pushed back in completely before attempting to start the engine. Make sure the chain is centered on the tire with approximately the same number of free rim links F on the inside and outside.

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Can’t find your model number? Turn blade to horizontal position.

Your model has been added. Move the vehicle manuap an outside area before running the engine. Measuring clearance incorrectly can cause belt or blade damage. Start engine and move throttle lever B to fast speed position.

Remove spring locking pin H and long drilled pin G from front of mower. Taller grass heights allow mulched leaves to dispense easier in lawn.